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R. 'MLM'

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This is an open pollinated native azalea seedling selection from Earl Sommerville. It has a white bloom and a yellow blotch. This plant won best native azalea photo in 2012 in the American Rhododendron Society photo contest.


Additional Information:

Name Rhododendron 'Matt MLM'
Hybridizer/Origination Sommerville
Height 6'
Width 4'
Hardiness Zone 5,6,7,8,9
Soil Type Sandy loam
Sun/Shade Morning sun / afternoon shade or filtered light throughout the day. Whereas more sun is fine for earlier blooming plants, later blooming plants prefer less sun. The more light a plant gets, the more bloom buds will set the following year. Blooming plants that blossom later in the year and receive too much direct afternoon sun, may result in blooms lasting a shorter time period. Avoid full afternoon sun unless in the northern regions of the country.
Bloom Time Spring
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