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Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus - Orange tea olive

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This is the less common orange flowering tea olive. It blooms once in the fall and the blooms open yellow and quickly turn orange. The color is quite appropriate for the season. The blooms are intensely fragrant and we believe they are more fragrant than the white flowering tea olive. The orange variety is also the most cold hardy tea olive and it does well for us in zone 7a. If you are in a colder region you will sometimes experience some leaf damage if it is exposed to a strong north wind. It prefers full sun.

 Additional Information:

Name Osmanthus frangrans var. aurantiacus
Hybridizer/Origination China
Height 8'-12'
Width 6'-8'
Hardiness Zone 7,8,9,10
Soil Type well drained
Sun/Shade Full Sun
Bloom Time fall
Fragrant? yes
Foliage interest?