We will be having a moving sale May 26 & 27.
In person pick up only, email anythingthatblooms@gmail.com for more info. We are located near Hickory, NC.
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We take pride in the overall health and growth habit of our plants. Our plants, such as our deciduous azaleas and other ericaceae plants, have plenty of breaks providing a full appearance with many branches. We do not push for instant height that results in a leggy appearance. We promote root health over the the height of the plant. We raise all of our plants on our property and do not buy in stock from growers. We grow everything here at our farm.

Our plants are much larger than many plants sold online. We are not selling liners or starter plants that come in 2"-3" pots. Plants are sold in 4.5" quart, 6" azalea pot, 8" azalea pot, and 3 gallon containers. We do not ship bare root because we believe it has adverse affects on plant performance and health. As a result, our shipping charges may be higher than someone who is shipping smaller plants bare root.

Because of our southern location, all of our plants will be acclimated to heat and humidity. Although some plants cannot take full sun, it has already been exposed to the extreme summer conditions that can be found in the south. At an elevation of 1000 ft, we are located where the piedmont meets the foothills in North Carolina.

Please see our Return Policy on how returns etc are handled.